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Ingrowing Toenail Surgery

Ingrowing nail Surgery

One of the most common conditions Podiatrists contend with is ingrowing toenails, and one of the most worrying treatments for our patients. Many patients put off getting treatment through fear of the treatment, worsening the problem, often leading to pain, infection and disfigurement of the toe.

Every patient I have seen has remarked once the procedure is complete it wasn’t painful, and it wasn’t worth the anxiety they had suffered.

During nail surgery, two pain killing anaesthetic injections are given with a very fine needle, this stings but is not overly painful (I can attest to that from personal experience). Once the toe is numb the whole procedure takes about 5 minutes, is painless, and the patient walks out to spend the day resting at home.

Things to remember:

1. Rest for the first day with your foot elevated

2. DO NOT get the dressing wet under any circumstances

3. Pain killers (analgesics) are rarely needed after surgery (less than 20% of patients need pain relief, paracetamol is enough for those that do, 90% of those who do are children and one dose is usually enough)

4. Initial dressing change usually takes place between 2-7 days. I prefer 2-3.

5. Surgery success is over 95%

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