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Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

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Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound scanning, or Sonography is the best image modality to view soft tissue injuries, these include, muscle injuries, tendon pathology, and ligament injury. Most soft tissue injuries should be scanned, both to improve accurancy of clinical diagnosis, and determine the severity of the injury, which will direct the treatment plan. The scanner can also be used to accurately administer injection therapy, to a specific site, to reduce pain, or increase healing.

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Be Strong and Healthy

Often the causes of foot and leg pain can be associated with our anatomical structure. 

Fast imaging in clinic to confirm diagnosis

Gold standard for imaging muscles, tendons & ligaments.

Much Cheaper than MRI scans, without the extra wait times

Dynamic scanning enables us to see healthy or injured tissue as it moves 

Our Benefits

At Each Clinic location Mr Stapleton has an ultrasound scanner at his disposal, to be used within consultations. Aiding fast diagnosis, directing treatment and at times tracking progress.

Fast access to imaging

Accurate treatment

Low cost

Peace of mind

Please note the fee for ultrasound imaging is set by the clinic or hospital and different charges apply.

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