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Biomechanic Assessment

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Biomechanic Assessment

Often the causes of foot and leg pain can be associated with our anatomical structure. Our sports Podiatrist assesses patients with functional anatomical problems including excessive pronation, ‘flat feet’, heel pain, knee and hip pain. Including examining the joints of the foot and lower limb, assess the range and quality of movement, inspect soft tissue structures and isolate the causes of pain or dysfunction.

This usually takes 1 hour, and patients are advised to bring a range of footwear, and wear shorts/athletic clothing.

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Often the causes of foot and leg pain can be associated with our anatomical structure. 

Flat feet can cause medial knee and lateral hip pain

Reduced ankle motion can increase foot pronation and loss of arch height

High arch feet are prone to ankle sprains

Hypermobility is linked with poor joint control and earlier onset arthritis

Our Benefits

With so many years experience, Mr Stapleton has seen so many different biomechanic problems, and knows how they interplay with different injuries. Understanding how your movement pattern influences your injury, will both speed up your recovery and help prevent it from returning.

Foot Posture analysis

Walking gait analysis

Functional biomechanic analysis

Assessment of joint range of motion 

Treating the root cause of injury, not just treating symptoms. Altering mechanics from the foot up, and the hip down.

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